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Ceiling Fan Installation

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Ceiling fans have several benefits, including lower energy costs, extra room lighting, year-round comfort, and improved ventilation.  We can install a ceiling fan anywhere in your home or your office, interior or exterior.  

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Interior Lighting Installation

Different types of lighting include ambient lighting to set a certain mood, task lighting for specific needs, chandeliers or pendants to give the feel of a separate space with lighting, or under-cabinet lighting to spotlight smaller areas. Let us brighten your home!

Exterior Lighting Installation

Curb appeal lighting, pathway/walkway lighting, step lights, and spotlights/flood lights are some of the exterior lighting options that we provide at DCES.  Be the talk of the neighborhood! 

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Outlet & Amp GFCI Installation

GFCI outlets are designed with safety in mind, and they should be provided anywhere there is a receptacle installed in an area subject to moisture, as the presence of moisture greatly increases the danger of accidental shock.  Don’t take chances on your safety.  Keep your home safe and up to code. 

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Electrical Panel Upgrade

Many homes have outdated and unsafe electrical panels.  Upgrading to a new electrical panel will ensure that your power needs can be met. When considering electrical upgrades, it’s important to consider your future needs as well as any necessary fixes in the present.  We can help!

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Remodel Work

Because most of your electrical system is concealed behind the walls, it can be easy to overlook when planning a remodel.  At DCES, we will discuss with you what your particular needs are, and design a layout of the necessary electrical components and upgrades you’ll need.

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Property Management Maintenance

At DCES, we have earned the trust of many property management companies throughout the valley because of our professionalism, our workmanship, and our insistence on putting safety first.  Let us show you that we are the right company for the job.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Having a level 2 Electrical Vehicle charging station set up at home will cut down on your charging time.  Another perk is that EV drivers can claim a federal tax credit for 30% of the cost to purchase and install, up to $1,000 (learn more).  Give us a call!

Recreational Vehicle Connections

You’ll want a dedicated outlet for your trailer so you don’t overload your electrical system. Whether you’ll need 30 amp or 50 amp capacity, we will get you taken care of.  Contact us to learn more. 

Hot Tub Connections

Hot tubs have several safety and electrical requirements. At DCES, we want your hot tub functioning safely and properly.  

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